Dutch research programme on geological disposal


Coming November COVRA, will start a new research programme on geological disposal. Please join us in an online seminar, where we will explain what is happening internationally in the field of radioactive waste disposal and what the content of the new programme will be.

The online seminar will be held on Wednesday 4 November from 10:00 to 15:00 hours.

The tentative programme for the seminar is:

Public event

10:00    Start public event: welcome word

10:05     Deep Time, the key to the (very) long-term management of our nuclear waste by Manuel Sintubin, Professor of Geodynamics, KU Leuven, Belgium

10:40    Geological Disposal: What Next after Half a Century of RD&D by Neil Chapman, Professor Emeritus at University of Sheffield, UK

11:15    40 years of experience – Rethinking the focus of the programme for safe geological disposal by Timo Äikäs, Finland

11:45    Summary

Technical event

13: 00   Start technical event: welcome word

13:10    Challenges for coring Dutch poorly indurated clays for research by dr. Erika Neeft, COVRA

13:45    Geological disposal in rock – salt by dr. Jeroen Bartol, COVRA

14:20    International affairs and cross-cutting topics by dr. Marja R. Vuorio, COVRA

14:50    Conclusions

15:00    End program