• Where will COVRA store the radioactive waste after that?

    The storage of radioactive waste at COVRA is a temporary solution. The waste that is still radioactive after one hundred years must be stored in stable, underground strata. This is called deep geological disposal.
    [Link to the page Geological disposal]

  • Does COVRA have enough space to store all radioactive waste?

    In total, COVRA has room for more than a hundred years of waste production. The 20-hectare site now houses five storage buildings. The site offers space for more storage buildings when needed. COVRA is currently working on expanding the storage capacity of the HABOG (High-level Radioactive Treatment and Storage Building). After this, sufficient space will be available to store all the high-level radioactive waste until the closure of the nuclear power plant in 2034. [link to project HABOG+]

  • Which storage buildings are there on the COVRA site?

    The Laag- en middelradioactief afval Opslag Gebouw (LOG) for the storage of low and intermediate-level radioactive waste.
    The Hoog radioactief Afval Behandeling Opslag Gebouw (HABOG) for the storage of high-level radioactive waste.
    The Container Storage Building (Container Opslag Gebouw or COG) for the storage of NORM waste (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) from the phosphate industry.
    Two Depleted Uranium Storage Buildings (Verarmd uranium Opslag Gebouwen or VOG and VOG-2) for the storage of depleted uranium.