The decision-making process for geological disposal should include all relevant social and technical factors in a balanced and well described way. From this the preconditions and safety standards for design, management and control of geological disposal should emerge. These will guide the foundation of the research into safety (the Safety Case). Research into the social aspects in of OPERA will be focused on the social decision-making process and the role of the Safety Case herein. It is important to make an inventory of all factors and stakeholders that take part in such a social decision-making process. Furthermore, it is important to make an overview of regulations and (social and ethical) criteria for the valuation of the possibilities for retrievable disposal. The decision-making process for a gradual social process of choice (without imposing conclusions in advance) can also be reviewed. Experience in this process has been gained abroad, albeit with varying success. The process for choosing locations for other installations confronted with the NIMBY effect will also be examined (e.g. CO2 storage, waste incinerator, cell phone and electricity towers, roads, etc.).


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