The table above shows COVRA’s key figures for the last five years. Our annual report gives more background information about these figures.


The turnover realised for 2018 was € 26.9 million. This is an increase of € 5.0 million compared to € 21.9 million for 2017. This is mainly because more standard waste was collected in 2018 than in 2017. Besides the turnover, operating costs also rose compared to 2017. Almost € 1.9 million of the € 2.9 million increase is attributable to higher costs due to changes to the provisions (a greater supply of waste means higher additions to provisions). The operating result for 2018 was € 7.3 million (2017: € 5.3 million). The net result for 2018 was € 2.6 million negative compared to € 4.3 million negative for 2017. The improved result of € 1.7 million was caused, on one hand, by the increase of the operating result of € 2.0 million, and on the other hand due to an increase of financial expenses of € 0.3 million.

Waste production and storage

Our current society produces millions of cubic metres of waste per year. The total amount of waste could fill a football stadium each year. This includes household waste, chemical waste, hospital waste, construction and demolition waste and also radioactive waste. The amount of radioactive waste is small; less than one thousand cubic metres per year.