The Dutch government has laid down the policy in consultation with the Lower House. In short, it entails the following:

  • Measures are needed to prevent radioactivity from escaping, uncontrolled, into our environment. In practice this means isolating, controlling and monitoring this kind of waste.
  • Because there is only a relatively small amount of radioactive waste being produced in the Netherlands, and because it requires specialised care, it is necessary to have one central facility for the collection, treatment and storage of radioactive waste.
  • Furthermore, it is cost effective to have only one such facility.
  • All different types of radioactive waste will be stored aboveground for a period of at least 100 years.
  • After 100 years of storage, consideration will be given to whether the part of the waste that is still radioactive can be disposed of in the deep underground in the Netherlands. Perhaps by that time international solutions will be available or new techniques might have been developed.

In our society the subject of radioactive waste is a sensitive one. The public cares deeply about this issue and there are often demonstrations and other actions. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of government and its designees to take care of the waste safely and responsibly. This is precisely what COVRA does! 


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